HEAD JOG R - R2 Barber Comb


MADE FROM: Ebonite (hard rubber + synthetic rubber). This compound increases the durability and strength. Combs made from 100% hard rubber tend to be fragile and can break when dropped a few times, whereas Head Jog R combs are much more robust.

HOW ARE THEY MADE: The compound is placed into the mould and compressed for a fixed period of time. Then it is vulcanized (heat & steam). The profiles of the comb are ready and the teeth are cut. Each tooth is cut individually by hand. After the cutting operation the teeth are polished so that they are rounded.

Head Jog R combs have smooth rounded teeth which massage the scalp & keeps the hair

cuticle smooth making hair strong & healthy. (Ordinary combs have razor sharp teeth. Also the rough edges between the teeth act as razors, damaging the hair cuticle making the scales rough & can therefore cause unhealthy hair with split ends).

Available in: Head Jog R2 Barber Comb, Head Jog R4 Cutting Comb, Head Jog R6 Wide Tail Comb, Head Jog R7 Pin Tail Comb, Head Jog R30 Handle Rake, Head Jog R38 Fine Tail Comb, Head Jog R42 8.5 Cutting Comb, Head Jog R49 Handle Streaker, Head Jog R45 Giant Cutting Comb, and Head Jog R50 Back Combing Comb.